Taking Care Of Your Skin With Amelia Moss

Taking Care of your skin with Amelia Moss

So, I am definitely one lucky ducky recently! I had the pleasure of trying some natural skincare oil from Amelia Moss.

I have to admit, I am always skeptical of overly natural products because I wonder if they actually work! so I leapt at the chance to test out the Rosehip oil and was reluctantly prepared to write a negative review about the con of it all! (I know, I know – how cynical)

BUT, I am two weeks in and I have been so amazingly surprised by this product!

Who are Amelia MossAmelia Moss Rosehip Oil Review

I thought I would give a bit of insight into the company because I hadn’t heard about them and the more I learned the more I love. Not only do they provide high quality 100% natural ingredients and care about your skin, they care about sustainability and are corporately responsible too! They are a fair trade company that have relationships with their farmers to ensure you are getting the best ingredients, the RIGHT way! This really shows in the service you receive too – My oil arrived in a beautiful package with a handwritten note on it which was a lovely, personal touch.


Rosehip Oil by Amelia MossThe Product!

I was given a choice over which product I wanted to test and I chose the Rosehip Oil for me because puberty and pregnancy really took a toll on my skin and has meant I have: scars, stretchmarks and I swear I am getting wrinkles already (the terrible two’s will do that to you!). Also this oil acts as a moisturizer for your hair and nails too so I figured they were more ways to test it out! Plus I am all about getting value for money so, like all mothers I went for the bulk buy :p!

What Amelia Moss says about the product:

“It smoothes the complexion and works within the skin to promote healthy re-growth, elasticity and tone. It also helps to counteract the appearance of sun spots and the damaging effects of UV light” – Amelia Moss

The Lows

For those with really oily skin you have to build up use, and to be honest this oil is not the right one for you. As a fantastic moisturizer I feel like this could aggravate oily skin too much so I would chose something else (luckily I have the opposite problem!)

Also, If you are going to use this on larger or multiple areas at once it won’t last as long which means you will be re-filling quite often BUT there is a larger 60ml bottle available.

That being said, I have only been using a few drops a day and I have noticed results so mine will be lasting a while!

The highs

The fragrance of this oil is amazing and quite rich (does that make sense?) and I’ve had many compliments after I have used it. Also this is an AMAZING moisturizer – I honestly can’t believe only a few drops has been beating some of the other leading brands I use (in way larger quantities) and I have had no problems with flaky skin (eww) since I have started using it.

I have also noticed that some of the spot scars and marks on my face are starting to fade and my skin is looking healthier overall. I really wish I had taken before and after photos but I didn’t!!

Also, I gave it a go on my hands and nails whilst treating myself to a bit of a home mani pedi and I found that it made my hands and cuticles really soft and smell amazing so I am using the oil regularly on those too!

What I love the most is knowing that these are all natural products and I haven’t had any reaction or irritation on my skin which I have had with moisturizers in the past. Also the personal touch from Amelia Moss in general is a great service that makes you feel like a person and not just another customer like with other brands:

Handwritten - The Personal Touch
Handwritten – The Personal Touch

The Cost

Prices range per product but the Rosehip oil is an affordable £20 per bottle. Some may shudder at the price but since I’m only using a few drops daily it would last a long time for me so it works out cheaper than most moisturizers I have used and has multiple benefits that they don’t.

Where can I get some?

Head over to the Amelia Moss website and do a little shopping 🙂

As a loyal reader, Amelia Moss has kindly offered 25% off your first purchase using the code “Lottie25”

Go on have a little spree!

What else do they do?

As well as a range of other products, there are several other oil options to choose from, including (briefly):

  • Marula Oil – protects against UV damage, effective on burnt skin and a good anti-aging night oil
  • Jojoba Oil – hypoallergenic make-up remover, shaving oil and wrinkle fighter – maybe I should have gone for this one too!
  • Argan Oil – effective hair conditioner, promotes natural healing and makes your skin soft
  • Barberry Fig Oil – reduces wrinkles and sun damage, full of nutrients for your skin


Like I mentioned above, this oil isn’t for everyone and you should buy specifically for your needs and skin type but I love this product and the brand and will be buying more of it when I run out, my skin loves it too and it exceeded all expectations!

Thank You AM


*A great big thank you to Amelia Moss – Although I received this product for the purpose of review: all love, opinions and comments are my own!*

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