Life lessons from Kimmy Schmidt!


If you have a netlfix account and you haven’t seen Kimmy Schmidt, I highly recommend you do. In fact start watching it now! This is a show that literally brightens your day after watching it. This is a show that is full of outrageous humour, home truths and heart warming friendship. Along with being a great watch, Kimmy Schmidt actually has a great way of looking at the world. So what life lessons can we learn from this show?

1. Find your own Titus- Basically a friend that will be there for you through the up’s and downs of life, but also be there person to tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not.

2. Have faith in your own choices- Don’t let people tell you you are wrong, but instead prove to them why you’re right.

3. Never let fear get the best of you- Fear is normal, everybody has something that makes them feel anxious, but taking that fear and doing it anyway is guaranteed to result in you feeling much more confident.

4. Celebrate the small things- Life isn’t just about celebrating major events in your life. Patting yourself on the back for everything you accomplish is important too!

5. Appreciate each and everyday- If you know the show, you will know Kimmy had 15 years of her life taken away. Remember life is short!

6. Don’t get into strange vans…at any age ; ) – Does this really need more detail? 🙂

7. Always believe in yourself!




*Image courtesy of netflix. I do not own.

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