5 Alternative Uses For Nail Varnish!


I love my nail varnish! I have an entire shelf of pretty colours and types, because for me it is all about my mood!

I look at my hands a lot when I am writing or typing which means I don’t want to be boring, so sometimes I like to add a splash of colour!

BUT nail varnish is actually handy too (pun definitely intended)! so I have uncovered some ways to prove it’s not just going to sit there and look pretty!


1. Preventing rust rings

The dreaded rust ring on the bathroom sink – or really anywhere. They are horrible, ugly and a nightmare to get off (in some cases impossible) so to avoid them altogether just apply some clear nail varnish to the bottom of the container and wait for it to dry before setting it down. It stops any rust from transferring.

Top Tip:

Make sure it is fully dry before setting it down otherwise you will have a sticky rusty mess!

2. Toy Car Paint Jobs

For those of you with kids who love cars! Fix all of the chips and dents without having to buy new ones!

With all of the different colours you can get it is no wonder you can match it up to the toy cars and it is incredibly simple and easy to touch the paint up. Plus the Varnish leaves a shiny finish (or a matte one if that is the effect you are after).

Top Tip:

You can use nail writing pens to fill in logo’s that have become chipped!

3. Distinguishing Keys

Use nail varnish to colour code your keys to tell similar keys apart! You can also make funky patterns too with thinner tipped nail pens – for no other reason than how cute it looks!

4. Frugal decorating

I love this frugal tie dye effect by House of Hipsters! they make great gifts or just a way to jazz up the kitchen without spending too much (or anything really if you have it to hand). You can try this technique on other ceramics too!

5. Stopping the end of rope, ribbon or fabric from fraying

This is a little crafty hack that stops fabric from fraying. It works on most things, including to stop ladders running on tights!

Bonus Tip:

Use Nail varnish remover on vinyl (or shiny) shoes in small quantities to remove scuff marks!

Do you have any cool ways to use nail varnish? I would love to know in the comments section!

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